Hong Kong millionaire offers $65 million to marry his daughter?

Hong Kong millionaire, Cecil Chao Sze-tsung is offering $65 million dollars to any man that marries his daughter Gigi. I am certain that there is no shortage of men that would be willing to marry a beautiful Hong Kong heiress. However there is a catch, the girl is a lesbian and may be already married to her lover.

Personally I think this whole escapade is a publicity stunt of sorts. Should we take bets on whether or not this man will soon be running for some sort of public office? The girl is extremely beautiful, she appears very charming and I’m certain many suitors have approached her throughout life.

I have a message for Mr. Cecil: my good sir, you don’t need to interfere and try to get your daughter married, trust me, many of us would love to meet your daughter. Keep the $65 million and let your daughter live her life.  Gigi, if you are reading this, drop me an email, I’d love to be your friend.

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  1. dear sir

    hoe are you sir.iam your daughter iam your daughter iam marriage iam very intersting realy iam married iam liked very liked sir.please other more details give me sir.

    yours truly


  2. dear sir,

    iam realy very poor person.iam realy youghter iam marriage very liked your answers says me sir.your daughter details give me sir next my photo my gov id details iam give to you sir.

    ok thank you sir

    yours truly


  3. dear sir

    hoe are you sir

    please iam response yours answers please says me sir

    ok thank you sir

    yours truly


  4. dear sir.

    next iam realy photod iam give me to your iam send my photo sir

    ok thank you sir

    yours truly


  5. Dear Sir

    I am applying to marry Gigi. She´s a very beautiful girl. I´m an open minded person, so her sexual options are not a problem fore me. I am tolerant and respect all people equally. So. I can be the best choice for you.

    I'd like to live and work in Hong Kong, too



  6. The following is my application for Gigi. I was never married, nor have any children. I am 58, slim (never could put on weight), romantic, dancer, semi-retired builder/handyman, researcher/writer, organic grower, the lid is always down, can cook and bake and I do not mind doing housework. I have never hit a woman and respect the beliefs of all. I was never drunk or taken drugs. I have references if you need them.

  7. dear Cecil Chao Sze-tsung

    how can you force your daughter to love the opposite sex she is interested in?

    give her a week with me, let me talk to her.

    i will try my best in finding out what it is exactly a woman can give her that i cannot. i might not have money, but boy am i good company. alot of people trust and talk to me,i might not be able to make your daughter fall in love with me, but i can sure talk her out of the pain she is putting you through.

    p.s love you gigi

  8. hey , gigi i am ready for you not for money its for freedom for you and me , i will be with you as a friend,lover ……………….always

  9. I think the man wants some grandchildren to give his money to. I don’t see a problem with this or the sexuality of Gigi. Doesn’t mean she can’t give birth to a child. she is a woman so all she needs is to be impregnated. If this is what she wishes. Simple really. Everybody gets what they want and nobody gets hurt.

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