Hot Dog Vendor Money Taken by jerk of a cop

You know, when someone does something wrong, I understand that they can and should be dealt with. If this man was selling hot dogs without a permit, I understand that the cops can handle it as they see fit. They could ticket him, or if they so desire, cut the guy a break and send him on his way. It’s really up to the officer whether or not to bust his chops, he created the opening, and I get it.

However, that officer has no idea how this man came upon the money in his wallet. That could have been there from before he even started selling his hot dogs. Yet, this jerk of a cop saw fit to go through his personal belongings, remove the money, and also ticket the guy.

Legally speaking, I don’t know whether or not the cop has the right to take his money? I question this because he has no idea where the money came from. However, the man was smart and he didn’t escalate the situation. Yet, it seems to me like this jerk cop overstepped his boundaries here. I’m not a lawyer, but once again, I cite the simple point that the cop had no idea where that money came from. That’s really fucked up.

I shared a tweet that had the video, and I promptly deleted it because the original poster said, “Fuck the police.” I don’t feel that way about cops in general. I have no hatred for police officers. However, I will say, FUCK THIS COP! This specific cop is an asshole, and the sad part is that this man probably won’t be able to get his money back. Also, who knows where it came from, and what it was for?

This officer is a disgusting representation of our law enforcement personnel, and I hope that if he did overstep, that somehow he gets what he has coming to him.

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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