House of Cards

Anyone that knows me is aware that I enjoy politics. They drives me nuts, but at the same time I am often a willing participant on the subject. That being said, once I heard that House of Cards was about politics, I had to sit and watch. Tonight I watched about 3 episodes, and I tore myself away from the tv to get some sleep. Yet here I am writing this.

The show follows a congressman and his navigating the dangerous walkways of Capitol Hill. This show is reminiscent of the cutthroat politics behind the Starz original show Spartacus. If you ever watched this show, you can remember how they often murdered politicians to further their aims.

Well, so far there is no murder here, (aside from careers) but what we do have is a congressman with some political aspirations. He believes that he is in line for a big, powerful promotion as he helped certain individuals get into White House. However, he kind of gets screwed on the deal, so he decides to take down the people responsible.

One by one, he begins to chip away at his enemies, lining up allies, and positioning himself exactly where he wants to be. So far I am finding the series very interesting, and I can’t wait to watch some more tomorrow.

I have to say that netflix is doing a phenomenal job with it’s original series productions. Orange is the new black, and now House of cards. Great work, netflix, great work.

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Angel Rodriguez

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