How leaders motivate people in training

Sometime last week, Professor Fred Villarica saw me in an A.M class and he said that I am such a determined person in my training life. He sees my gym training posts, my dieting posts, etc. He told me that I need to bring that energy to the mats, “I need you to get on the mats more Angel, you are just too determined. Do it.” Now that’s how leaders motivate people in training.

Professor Fred is not like me, I talk a lot, and I talk about things that are valuable, and sometimes things that are not. He speaks, but generally when we’ve engaged in conversation, he’s offering some valuable sage advice. In any case, hearing him reference my training ethic, and encouraging me to get in there resonated and motivated me.

So far this week alone, I have been in there 3 times back to back including on days that I teach my own classes at night, and I’m going back tomorrow. I also ordered another gi to see if I can squeeze in a 5th day. I recognize my limits, and if I am hurt or injured I’ll dial it back. But as long as my body can function, I’m going to try and push through and get in as much training as I can.

Furthermore, I’ve decided to make several adjustments in my training regimen. I did some research and found that BJJ training can burn as much as cardio and strength training can in terms of calories. My primary training objective is burning fat and getting lean. As such I had been focusing my energies on cardio and conditioning. I didn’t think that BJJ would meet my caloric expenditure needs, even though I get taxed and sweat, I didn’t think it was enough for my specific training goals at the moment. But I may have been wrong on that, and I’ve decided to replace several cardio and strength training sessions from my week with BJJ classes.

By doing this, I’ve already encountered some unexpected side effects. For months now I have been limping and in pain due to my achilles tendon being overworked. Because BJJ is mostly fighting on the floor, it gave me sometime to rest that tendon. This was a nice added side bonus, it hurts much less. Granted, my other joints are achy from getting twisted and contorted in all sorts of directions, but I think as my body gets stronger in BJJ conditioning, that it will hurt less. In time my body will get stronger and adapt to meet the requirements of BJJ training.

With folks like Professor Fred around to push and motivate me, I’m positive that I’ll hit all my training goals. And if not, well at least I died trying, and I’ll just enjoy the ride!

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