How to deal with pedophiles

Some people don’t seem to understand where some of us are coming from when we talk about how to deal with pedophiles. They’ll argue that we are trying to normalize pedophilia. For good measure let me state that I don’t consider myself either a left or right winger when it comes to politics. I’m not registered with either political party. I deal with things on an issue by issue basis.

On this particular issue, I will say that I think its disgusting, sick. I don’t know if its a mental health issue, or just a sick, deviant behavior? Whether or not its your fault, if you act on it, you should be punished to the fullest extent allowable by law. If I had my way, once you rape a child, you’d receive the death penalty.

In addition to this, there are some people out there who are trying to legitimize pedophilia as a sexual orientation by claiming its innate, similar to being gay, lesbian, transsexual and so on. They try to dress it up with another term, “Minor attracted person.” This is the term being used by some to describe people who are attracted to prepubescent children. Really, politically correct terminology for child molesters?

I should state for the record that I have never, ever met a single member of the lgbt community who identified with or supported pedophiles. The LGBT community is made up individuals who are attracted to the same sex, which has zero bearing on a person’s age.

In fact, many pedophiles are heterosexual religious leaders, yet we don’t blame all hetero people for them. So no, it’s not a slippery slope. What two consenting adults want to do behind closed doors, regardless of their sexual or gender identification is entirely up to them. But when it comes to children, then that’s a different story where consent cannot be provided by the child. It’s not the same thing at all.

Let’s repeat and clarify for the hard headed people in the back of the room who are still trying to find a way to say that people like me are advocating for fucking child molesters. If an adult commits the act of molesting a child, I am entirely in favor of not only the death penalty, but doing it in as slow and painful a way as possible. I hate people who hurt children and I have no problem with them being eliminated in a gruesome fashion.

Earlier someone said that the only way to cure a pedophile is a bullet to the head. While I’d be okay with this form of death penalty for someone who has acted on the urges, I cannot advocate for the killing of someone who hasn’t actually done anything wrong. If all they have done is have a desire that we hate and disagree with, that’s not an actual crime. If they have the sense to seek help because they know their desires are wrong, then I’d say this person has done the right thing. Why would you then want to punish them with a bullet to the head?

We should encourage them to seek out help BEFORE ever losing control and hurting a child. Why is that wrong of me to say? Why do you equate that statement with advocating pedophilia? If you say you want to kill them simply because of how they feel, they’ll never seek help because they are afraid of the consequences. Since they are afraid, they’ll stay hidden, they can’t get help, and then the only way we’d find out about them is well after the fact. Once they’ve raped an innocent child, the damage is done.

Let’s say we catch them once they commit this crime, now we punish them with some prison sentence. But guess what? The kid still got raped and they will be forever traumatized. I’ll repeat, the damage has already been done. But maybe, just maybe, had this sick fuck gotten the help he needed because it was available, maybe they could have been helped and in turn this kid could have been protected. You might not like this, but at least that child is never hurt.

It pisses me off when people imply I’m defending these people. I fucking hate people who violate children. All I’m saying is that if we can prevent it by treating them BEFORE they act, why shouldn’t we? Why would we wait until after they do wrong to find them?

My position is solid and could save children. The other position forces them to hide, and the only way they are discovered is once they snap and rape a kid. Think about what I’m saying. Understand that I despise the people, but my priority is protecting the children. We cannot just kill people in this country, regardless of what we think about their lifestyles. And we shouldn’t punish people who haven’t actually acted out on their desires. Once they do though, then its open season on them!

Do you understand what I’m saying? If not, reach out and I’ll try to further clarify!

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