How would you handle being a Superhero?

I’ve been up pretty much all night watching Superhero animated series and films. I watched two Justice League Films, “The Throne of Atlantis,” and “The Flashpoint Paradox.” Next I watched the first Superman from the late 70’s.

As I was watching Superman, seeing Clark Kent play himself as such a fool in front of Lois, it was irritating the hell out of me. “I must have fainted,” he said at one point when HE CAUGHT A BULLET WITH HIS HANDS! HELLO! Dude, why are you acting like such a loser? You could keep your secret, without having to go overboard with the theatrics and awkwardness.

clark kent

In any case, as I was watching this, I started wondering if I would abuse my powers if I had them. I’d never make myself into such a loser like Clark Kent does. I was wondering if I’d end up being a villain because of my desire to be acknowledge and respected. Then it hit me!

Tony Stark! I’m Ironman!

I'm Ironman

He’s not a villain, but he’s not a wimp either. He also wants the attention and recognition, he doesn’t hide his identity. Boom! I had to write this post before getting a couple of hours of sleep! It was important! Hahah. I think I’d be like Tony Stark in how I’d handle being a Superhero! I simply couldn’t play this Clark Kent pansy crap!


This was an epiphany, yo! I always questioned if I’d end up being a bad guy with Superpowers because of this desire to be acknowledged, but I figured it out! I’d be like┬áIronman!

So how would you handle Superpowers?

angel rodriguez costume wolverine



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