Hugo Chavez dies.

I have to be completely honest with you guys, I don’t know a hell of a lot about Hugo Chavez. I briefly read his history on wikipedia and I have seen snippets here and there talking about how he was a communist, how he was Obama’s buddy and so on.  It was mostly political and never in a positive light. But I have no opinion on him or his politics as I just don’t know enough.

I just want to report what you may or may not already know, that today this man passed away.  My facebook and twitter timelines are flooded with either support or hatred for the man. Comments range from “Rest in peace” to “Good Riddance you piece of crap”.

I’m curious how the NYCTalking audience that is familiar with him feels about his passing away and why? Will the new President be better or worse for Venezuela? Whatever your opinion, we can all agree that life loss is never a fun thing.

Please note the date on a post, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez


  1. Jess @UsedYorkCity

    03-06-2013 at 9:56 am

    Much like you, I have very little knowledge of the man…but always sad to hear when someone passes. You’ve peaked my interest to do a bit of a google search on him:-)

    • Angel Rodriguez

      03-06-2013 at 10:30 am

      I just wrote a post based on several conversations with Venezuelans. Will be live in a half hour or so. This will be real talk, from real people. I’ll give a hint, no tears are being shed for this leader.

      Remember how everyone cried when Kim Jong Il died? Hah. “Cry or we kill your whole village! And be convincing!” Damn shame.

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