Hunt for Forest Park rapist.

There is no bigger advantage to a criminal than silence and the public being unaware of their presence. Just the same, there is no greater advantage that the public can have than being aware. As such I have decided to share this post on here and on our sister site NYCTalking.

The police are looking for a white male, aged between 30 and 40 years old, standing at approximately 5’10’ inches tall, thin build and short hair. He was last seen wearing black sweat pants and a black t-shirt. The man is being sought for the August 26, 2013 rape of a woman at approximately 430 pm. The criminal is said to have used a stun gun and struck near 72nd Street and Union Turnpike within Forest Park. Anyone with information is asked to please notify Detective Salvatore Molino of the 102nd precinct at 718-520-9277.

I have always told my wife, my son, my friends and anyone I know that they should be extremely cautious when running in this park. Especially when it is late, though this criminal struck during day light hours, so you should be careful at all times. If you have it, carry a whistle, carry pepper spray, or some other form of improvised, legal self defense weapon. Something as simple as your keys, a blinding flashlight, or the change in your pocket could save you. For more self defense tips in criminal favoring NYC, check out my NYC self defenseĀ article on here! If at all possible go with a male companion or a group. Be careful out there ladies, hopefully they catch this dirtbag soon.

forest park rapist

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