Dream That I Can Fly

I have this weird recurring dream, a dream that I can fly. You read that right, in the dream, I have the ability to fly, albeit a crazy struggle. In the dream I’m always fighting against the wind pressure, and I tend to be carry a very heavy backpack of sorts. This makes it hard to take off, and maintain altitude.

Somehow, I always get lost, and I end up in really bad neighborhoods trying to find my way back home. To make matter worse, sometimes they shoot at me, or attack me as I’m trying to take off.

There have been versions were I’m walking around buildings, the former world trade center, and many other random places. Last night, I was in the hood part of Brooklyn. Somehow, there was a gay pride parade happening, so I went down to ask them which direction to go for the Grand Concourse, or Queens Boulevard.

As I walked around, I found a truck driver who let me ride with him for a bit. This man was extremely bigoted, and he said, “Look at all these f*gs and n*ggers here. I should floor the pedal and do the world a huge favor. I know you are one of them sp*cs boy, don’t look at me that way. I’m only speaking from the heart.” At that point I said “Thanks for the lift” and I got out of his vehicle.

Before I took off to fly, I was warned about the ozone being really dangerous for me if flying too high. They said I should fly a little lower to protect my lungs. As I tried, I encountered more and more wind resistance. I remember seeing the Lincoln Tunnel, and then I saw the neighborhoods I recognized, and I headed home.

In the dream, I was absolutely exhausted from flying against wind current, and my heavy backpack. I woke up this morning feeling utterly drained. It was as if I didn’t sleep at all, and I was hit by a truck.

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