Ice T’s Grandson Indicted for Manslaughter

Ice-T is a very well known and respected artist. Celebrity net worth has him listed as being worth $40 million or so. Most of us would think that when someone reaches that level of success, fame, and financial independence that their entire family is living the good life.

The truth may be far from that.

Speaking for myself, I have nowhere near the amount of money that Ice-T has. I mean not even remotely close. Even so, my broke, currently unemployed butt has advised my nephews, my son, and any other youngsters that are close to me, that should they ever need anything, shoes, clothing, food, etc, come to me if their parents cannot provide it. No child in my family should ever feel the need to turn to drugs or any illegal activity to make some money. I have provided an alternate path, and if they took another, then it would be solely on them.

I wonder if this is the case with Ice-T’s grandson? Did he give the kid a way out, as I have with my own family? The young man was in college, so he was apparently going down the right path.

Elyjah admitted that he sold marijuana as a means to make money. Naturally, where there are drugs, you will more often than not find guns. Such was the case on June 24th, 2014 when Elijah was messing around with a stolen handgun and it accidentally went off striking 19 year old Daryus Johnson in the chest. Johnson died from his injuries.

Perhaps these young men could have gone on to live happy lives. Yet one is dead, and the other will undoubtably spend a long time in prison. One thing that I found mind boggling was all of the support for the Ice-T family.

No father or grandfather should ever have to go through this. Our hearts are with the Ice-T family.

HELLO! Another family had to bury Daryus Johnson. The victim of the accidental shooting?

What do you think about the show of sympathy for the shooters family?

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