Ichi Umi Buffet

After the epic fail of Kang Ho Dong Baekjong we decided to leave that pretentious place and try something else. We opted for their neighboring resto called Ichi Umi. This is a Japanese buffet restaurant, and it is huge and spacious. NO ISSUES getting in and getting a seat.

They have a wide variety of food spread out on the floor ranging from sushi and sashimi to garlic bread. Seriously, yo!

Once we were seated, we were greeted by a sweet lady and she took our drink orders, smiling the entire time. There is something about a person smiling at you that makes experiences so much more pleasant. These guys should offer some customer service lessons to the aforementioned restaurant.

I tried a little bit of everything. At first I was a little worried because it is a buffet, and the food is just sitting out waiting to be taken. That makes me a little uneasy, particularly when dealing with sushi. However I had some spicy tuna, crab rolls, lobster rolls, beef, shrimp, seaweed and some of that garlic bread, and everything tasted fresh. My tummy was a bit weird today, but I think that was because of the eclectic mix of food I shoved down my mouth, as opposed to anything being bad.

The server was on top of everything, often switching our plates, refilling our drinks, smiling and kind the entire time. The experience here was nice, and though it is just a buffet, we all had a great time talking, catching up, and munching until getting our fill. I’ll definitely come back here again in the future.

Update: It would be very remiss of me not to update you guys on the next day. Let’s just say that I spent many hours running back and forth to the toilet. I had a performance the following night and I had to cancel. I cannot say with 100% certainty that this place is to blame, but it was the only variant from my regular eating patterns. Proceed with caution. That is all.

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5 years ago

Ichi Umi Buffet http://t.co/oZPw9W8XBV

5 years ago
Jess @UsedYorkCity
5 years ago

I LOVE a good buffet;-) Shockingly, I’ve never tried a Japanese themed one, so I’ll add this to my food list!

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