I'm Not A Piece Of Meat!

Yesterday, at the gym, after I took off my top layer shirt, I felt someone looking at me. I turned my head, and there was this woman, she was looking at me as though I were a lone Gazelle in the Prairie, ready to be pounced upon by this Lioness. Seriously, she looked at me, the way most dudes look at women in booty shorts after a long winter.

Women look at men, I know this because I’ve experienced it before. Obviously, I mean, look at me. But that’s beside the point. They look at men, but not the perverted way that men look at women. Come on fellas, you can deny it all you want, but we be oogling at women like sex starved neanderthals.

The ladies on the other hand, don’t generally do that, but alas, it happened to me! Well, here’s what I have to say about that! I’m not a piece of meat to be fantasized over! The least, and I mean the least this woman could have done before so violently devouring me with her eyes was buy me a Peanut Butter Cup Protein shake! 610 calories of delicious, balanced nutrition, I mean, come on! Have some class woman! Geez, I’m not a piece of meat!