Why I’m one of the best fitness instructors!

Last night, I taught my strength class at Retro Fitness in Rego Park, NY. I had a packed house, the participants were wall to wall and we barely had the minimum room to work. I like that, I like that a lot.

Mind you, I have a 5:30 PM slot, this is a relatively hard slot to fill because that’s when most people are getting off work. However, I’ve managed to do it. I don’t think it is a stretch to say that if you put me on at 6:30 PM or 7:30 PM, I’d pack it even more every single day. I’m just that damn good at what I do, cause I love what I do! It’s as simple as that. However, if you require confirmation, then here it comes!

After my class, several participants came over to me and said, “You are absolutely the best and most challenging instructor here. You push us so very hard, but you make it fun! We love your music and you do everything just right.” Resisting the overwhelming urge to drop a sexual innuendo in response, (because you know, I’m like 12 years old,) I smiled and thanked them. In an attempt to help out the other instructors, I stated that all the instructors there are good, but that I am always extremely grateful to receive that kind of feedback from my participants.

I am sharing this with you not to gloat, (although I am aware it may come off as such) but because you have to understand something very important. If you don’t know this, do yourself a favor and learn it now! When you love something, when it is your life’s passion, people will know this.

If you are just there for a paycheck, then guess what? That too will come across, and they will also know this. I love, love, love to teach, and the participants sense this from me! They are drawn to my energy, and that’s why I fill up this challenging slot. An older lady said, “I don’t know where you get all that energy and passion from, but I love it! You helped me push harder than ever before. Thank you, Angel! You are the best.” I nodded, fist bumped her, and said thank you so much for the kind words.

They asked me if I have any more classes, to which I replied no. I’m only there on Tuesday’s at 5:30PM. But that they should continue to come, so that we can continue to make progress towards our goals. Nearly anyone who takes my class, loves my class.

There are a very few individuals who resist training under me. This is because they were around when I first started, they saw me fat, and in some cases, they were taking classes before me. In their minds, I’m not qualified to lead them in class, because they were there before me.

And then, there are the ones who are just afraid of hard work. They come to the gym to play around, waste time, and end up looking exactly the same one year from now. If you are one of those people, then honestly speaking, you probably don’t want to train with me. I can go easy, and coddle people who are injured, or need guidance, but if your goal is simply to waste time, you probably won’t like my work ethic and style.

Mind you, that’s totally cool. Not everyone wants to train hard, and that’s fine. I’m not here to judge you. I’m just saying, that my methodology is built around pushing to our limits, and getting better and better each time. To like my classes you must have some degree of motivation. If you lack it, I will try to provide it to you, but not everyone likes that.

In any case, the whole point of this is to say, that I love what I do at the gym. That’s probably the reason people love my classes, and it’s why I consider myself among the best, even though I’m relatively new to the teaching side of this. Your attitude, the energy you bring, these are key to your success in this business.

And that’s why I’m one of the best fitness instructors!

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