First Impression: Youtube Music Awards!

So did you watch the YouTube music awards last night? If you did, what did you think of the show? I could sum up this entire article in one statement: “it reminded me of the very first MTV Awards shows!” Do you remember those? They were an insane, unorganized, ridiculous, spectacle of an event! That’s what the YMA’s were.

Take this into consideration though, look at the MTV music awards now! The show is a huge event, a well organized, fine tuned event. That being said, even though the hosts seemed awkward, and the event was messy with ridiculous blue powder, and nonsensical short films and live videos, the show content for the most part was pretty AWESOME!

I’m glad that that they did this, it’s like Drake says, “started from the bottom now we here!” YouTube has a huge following, and this show has only one way to go, UP! Like a rapper friend of mine says in his song, “only way up, only way is up.” You have to start somewhere, so yes this was organized chaos, yes it had some really weird and awkward moments and silences, yes it was extremely messy, but all in all I think it was a success.

Eminem’s performance of “rap god” was definitely the highlight for me! As always, upon accepting his award, Em kept it short and sweet. I notice that his right eye twitches a lot these days, more so than it has before. Especially when he’s not rapping, I hope it’s nothing serious, this guy is a musical monster and I’d love to keep him around for years to come, healthy and making music! Imagine a 60 year old Eminem talking about how he ran the music game for decades, then spitting “rap god” even then! That would be AWESOME!

I look forward to seeing my own friends at these shows as time progresses, and who knows, maybe they’ll even invite me to be a part one day as I continue to grow! So what did you think of the show? My view counter showed just under 160,000 people watching at any one point. Not too shabby!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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6 years ago

First Impression: Youtube Music Awards!

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