Independence Day Resurgence

Sometimes my son makes me watch this guy named Tyrone Magnus on youtube. Recently, he made a comment about Independence Day Resurgence. He said that perhaps Will Smith read the script, and said, “No way, this movie sucks.”

After watching the film, I can’t help but wonder if this is true. There was no major point in this film where you felt “it” happened. It’s like, I was waiting the whole time for the film to peak, the plot to twist, or something amazing to happen. It just never came. My wife started watching with me, but she jumped ship 15 minutes into it. Me, I kept waiting for “it.”

Yo, some scenes, almost seemed like comic relief when they were supposed to be touching scenes. Like, seriously bro? Even when they were planning the big attack, I said, “No way they are going this cheesy.” I was wrong, they went that cheesy. That’s a big thing in this movie. Generally, there is like the one comic relief guy, but in this movie, there were just too many of them, too often. This is supposed to be a somewhat serious film about the world being invaded by aliens, and they just had too many damn comic relief guys.

In addition to that, the leaders were so damn quick to blow crap up. There was no hesitation, no turmoil, no tough decisions.

“Madame President, should we press the button.”

“Ugh, do I want dressing on the salad or not, okay, press the button. Ugh, dressing on the side please.”

Then moments later…

“All Presidential lines are presumed dead, you are president now.”

“Cool, can I get some fries with that swearing in?”

I mean, that’s what it felt like. This movie had the potential to be good, but it fell short. Mind you, they set the stage for a part 3, but after this disaster of a film, I’m not sure if they studios will follow through with that. I expected more, but I should have known better once Will Smith opted out of the film.

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