Indian guitar protests for rape victim.

I think it’s very sweet that these people came out with their guitars to play John Lennon songs for the young lady that was raped on a bus and left to die, really I do. That’s sweet.

Here is the thing though, I wonder if the bus driver from that night brought his guitar? Well who knows the real circumstances? Maybe they knew him and said his family was next if he spoke? Who REALLY knows how things went down? Many are saying he should be prosecuted for not helping or stopping the bus.  I don’t know, that’s an entirely separate post.

Today I’m pointing out the b.s that I’m seeing. Maybe these guitar people are truly hoping for change in the country, maybe they would have helped her? Again I just don’t know, but it’s sickening to me how some countries practically foster and allow this behavior. They discourage women from seeking help and then shame and punish them for being victims? That’s sickening.

These people need to do something. I’m hoping the men being arrested works as a catalyst for some much needed change. It won’t happen overnight, but it will show these scum that there will be consequences for beating, raping or otherwise violating a woman.

Let’s go India, you’ve taken many of our jobs, now take on the stance MOST citizens of this country have in regards to protecting women.

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