Indian math wiz using hand gestures

When I was first watching these Indian kids making these hand gestures as they perform these mental mathematics calculations, I thought it was weird. However, one can’t help but be impressed at how fast these kids calculate the numbers.

The fastest I saw someone do this was a guy who’s brain is wired to perform math calculations on the “wrong” side of his brain. So he can calculate equations at lightning speed.

But these kids are ALL “learning” how to do this, and they are seemingly “normal.” Unlike Stan Lee’s “Superhuman” Scott Flansburg who can compute complex mathematical functions without the use of a calculator.

I was doing some research on this, and I saw that it is somehow related to the abacus, and the hand gestures apparently help you retain and learn more information.

As I thought about this, I just realized something about myself. When I am memorizing a new song that I wrote, and even when I perform, I also make odd hang gestures, whether they be exaggerated, or with my hands at my side. If you observe some high level artists, many of them also make hand gestures as they perform. I wonder if this is related to retaining the lyrics? I don’t think that I can perform any of my songs without moving my hands in some form.

This is some pretty interesting stuff huh?

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