Indianapolis Man Shot Dead – Justified?

Kevin Hicks was shot dead by a police officer after a violent struggle with him.

Here’s what we know thus far, Hicks’ wife called 911 as they were driving, stating that Kevin was assaulting her as she drove. The wife noticed a police officer at a gas station and flagged him down for help. At this point, the officer engages Hicks and his wife. They have a brief conversation, and then things become physical. According to witnesses, after some blows are exchanged, the officer announces the intended use of taser. The taser is knocked out of his hands, and allegedly, Hicks attempts to gain access to the officer’s weapon. A shot is fired, Hicks is struck, and the officer calls for medical assistance. Hicks is pronounced dead on the scene.

Reports state that Hicks has a criminal record with offenses including resisting police officers in the past, as well as domestic charges. However, as we examine this SPECIFIC situation, we don’t even need to go that far back.

Let us look at this critically.

We know that Hicks has violent tendencies. In fact, we KNOW that the reason his WIFE was looking for police assistance is because he was PRESENTLY beating the crap out of her. Like I said, we don’t even need to go that far back into his history to see the violence, it was happening right then and there. So, this gives us insight into his mindset.

In addition to this, it is caught on video that he resisted the officer and actively fought him. This gives us further insight into his present mindset. Mind you, I am really trying not to be biased here, and stay neutral, as I wait for more information and facts to come out, but it is really difficult to do so when there is so much already indicating who’s at fault here. Information that is corroborated by witnesses on the scene.

Did Hicks deserve to die? No. No one deserves to die under these types of violent circumstances. However, if he was attempting to take the officer’s weapon, then what would you expect the officer to do?

We do know that he was fighting the officer, and one thing we cannot have is an officer’s weapon compromised! This story could have read, Officer, Wife, and Child dead after Hicks took his weapon. We cannot have that.

You need to understand that law enforcement is not here to “fight” you in a boxing match, and see who’s the better boxer. That’s not how it works, they are not here to risk getting knocked out and losing control of their DEADLY weapons. If you create a situation that makes an officer feel that he may lose his life, weapon, etc, then it is the officer’s duty to take action to protect his/her life as well as those lives around them.

I mentioned earlier that I wanted to be neutral and unbiased, but I just can’t see this thing going any other way. Given all that we have seen thus far, and I have looked at various platforms that are simply “reporting” and not judging, it seems to me that this was Hick’s own doing.

The wife is already stating that “the officer could have handle it differently” and that “we shouldn’t look at his criminal past.” Okay, let’s humor her for a moment, EVEN if we don’t look at his PAST, all one has to do is ask her the following question: “Why did you go to the officer for help?” BOOM, now the present is pretty much in line with the past. I’m sorry for your loss mam, but you don’t deserve to get any money from these people. As it stands right now, this was a justified, clean shooting. I believe that based on current facts, the officer will be cleared on this, and rightfully so.

The one person I truly feel for is the child. However, based on the current available facts, this death is not the officer’s fault.

What do you think?

Here is an in depth depiction of the events that transpired.

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