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Yesterday was a friend’s birthday. She invited my lady and I to join them for a game of laser tag at indoor extreme sports. This is a short ride to Long Island City by train, but we drove. Easy peasy.

Happy Birthday, Angel! Yes, same name. As her friends kept calling out to her, I kept looking. Kekeke. 😛 When you reserve your place here, you will have to sign a waiver for safety reasons, and present it upon arriving. You could just do it online and then show them the email on your phone or just print it out. Wear sneakers folks, don’t roll up here in sandals, flip flops, or dress shoes, cause they won’t let you play! Also, wearing those vests, you are going to sweat, if you sweat the way I do, bring an extra shirt!

The staff was relatively young, and pretty chill. They have some pizza and soft drinks for sale if you are interested in buying that.

Now on to the game itself, there is a bit of a wait period as they set everything up. They provide you with a vest and a laser gun. Basically, you shoot at the vest. You are split into teams by color, and then you go through a few rounds of games. Elimination, plant the bomb, and then a free for all with respawning.

The game itself is a lot of fun, you get to hide behind walls, barrels, sandbags, etc. Looking for the enemy team and trying to take them out. It’s a lot of fun to play and I enjoyed it.

My one gripe about this place is that the guns, back pack, and computer software are highly unstable. There were times that my gun didn’t shoot at all, and I kept getting pegged even after clearly shooting at someone. Also, my gun kept losing it’s connection to my backpack. I even had to have my gun changed out once.

The unreliability of it can be a bit frustrating, and that blows because if the systems and equipment were reliable, this could be even more fun! I enjoyed it, but imagine how much more I could enjoy it if when I shot someone, they actually registered it. There were a lot of glitches.

However, the tech issues aside, this was a lot of fun! I’d still recommend trying this out at least once with a bunch of friends. It’s a fun day. Also note, they have a bunch of different varieties of games you can play like zombies, black ops, etc. And there is paintball, some archery type game, arcade stuff, and other cool stuff.

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