Instant Justice: iPhone Thief Hit By Train


They say that crime doesn’t pay, and this 33 year old iphone thief learned that the hard way. Frankly, the freaker is lucky to be alive.

So this dude decides that he’s going to steal a 13 year old kid’s iPhone, (let’s not get into the responsibility aspects of a 13 year old flaunting their iphone, let’s focus) the kid tries to resist, some people try to help the kid, he pops them in the nose, and tries to run once the train comes to a stop.

Of course, the smart thing to do is run into the train tracks, right? WRONG! Son, that’s when this dude got popped by an oncoming train on the express track! Damn!!!! That had to hurt. The cops caught this fool, and charges are pending. He’s in the hospital recovering from some minor injuries, as are the folks he hit.

This guy caused major delays on the train this morning, and New Yorkers were pissed! I guess the lesson here is, if you gonna be an iPhone thief, stay off the train tracks, cause karma is a biznatch!

I wonder if they kid got the phone back?

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