• Bro, you have been ranting about this lately. You are a bit bitter about this, but remember, this is not your life. Its all for fun. Wife, kid, job is what matters. Some peeps must really be pissing you off!

    • Phil, it ain’t that serious buddy. But I notice it all, the video was meant to be fun but also point out those very real items.

      • Well, I re-tweeted your tweet on this just so you stop ranting and chill out Mr King of Media!

  • I loved the light-hearted humour in this, Angel!

    It was nice to see something quite important discussed in an entertaining way.

    Great work!

    Oh, and I ain’t no homeboy! :p

    • No Thuy, you certainly are not a homeboy.

      Thanks for the kind words. It’s all in good fun.