Introducing “On deck with Lucy”!

So what am I supposed to be doing here? Am I reviewing a human being? A show? An idea? Haha. No, we don’t review humans around here, we talk with them, we enjoy their company, and we share our experiences with them. Okay, so I have to give Lucy 5 out of 5 stars, hahah. I kid, I kid… No good? Okay, moving on.

I recently had the pleasure of a rainy day walk and a delicious dinner at The Odeon with the beautiful and extremely talented Lucy Norris. Lucy is the name and face behind and in front of “On deck with Lucy“, a show that focuses solely on NYC, covering what she called the 3 t’s, talent, trends, and taste! Now does it surprise any of you that NYCTalking and On Deck with Lucy will be working together? I call it synergy.

So what exactly do these guys do? Well Lucy and her talented team began work on this project in Spring, 2012. They actually do what I wish I had the time and resources to do! They attend celebrity events, music events, interview folks and then report on those events, that’s the talent. Lucy also meets with local restaurant owners and reports on the local food spots in NYC, that covers the tastes! She also attends fashion events and meets with designers bringing us the latest in… You guessed it, trends.

Lucy is very friendly and a delight to keep company with. We met outside a restaurant bar that was a little too packed for our taste and our plans to speak shop. So we decided to migrate and started walking on Broadway. After a brief stroll we came across The Odeon, that’s where we decided to eat, you can read that surprising review right here!!!

We spoke about many topics ranging from politics (which she said she generally doesn’t touch, smart girl) to how we can expand and further grow our brands. At one point as we awaited our food she looks over at me with those big beautiful eyes and she says in her lovely British accent “So, any questions for me, Angel?” I don’t know if Lucy was prepared for the type of character that I am, but she seemed ok enough with me though. She said she appreciates straight forwardness in dealing with people, and I’m all about being straight up! Lol.

Lucy and her staff recently finished the second season of her show which will be airing on several cable channels. She’s currently working on getting the show on a few others and that looks promising. That’s pretty awesome. I watched some of the season one shows (those will be airing here on NYCTalking as well) and I was very impressed. From what Lucy told me season two is supposed to be even more professionally done! That says a lot to me, sounds like season two is probably going to be on par with any talk show you could currently watch on TV because I was very impressed with her season one work. I’m looking forward to watching!

Us smaller independent brands have no choice but to step up our games if we want to make it with the big boys. As I was interviewed and performing yesterday on MadhouseTV, one of the owners, Tom Mele, told me the same thing. “Angel, we are making things even more professional because we are competing and playing with the big boys”. Lucy has her game face on and she is going to bring it! Check out the shows, you’ll see some familiar faces, and possibly some more to come. *Ahem, ahem* It’s actually quite funny, I performed at an event she worked, but we hadn’t met yet. She has also filmed a few events I attended but we never met! Yet here we are now! It is a very small world! Stay tuned for more On deck with Lucy right here on NYCTalking!

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Angel Rodriguez


  1. Peggy Gilbey McMackin

    08-06-2013 at 6:01 pm

    Angel this looks fantastic! Best Wishes and I hope to catch you on a couple of episodes!

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