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Is Joe Biden fit for the job?


Is Joe Biden fit for the job?

For those of you that support Obama, have you really given thought to whether or not Joe Biden is presidential material? A vp is in that position, so that if something happens to the president, he then takes over as president. You do know this right?

Joe looks like an awesome dude to hang out with, we could drink a couple of brewskis and laugh at all the awesome and hilarious things he says all day. However, is he really fit for the job of commander in chief? Serious question. If you think that the answer is yes, please respond with “why” in the comments section.

Even Obama has disagreed and scolded Biden from time to time for some of the wacky things he says. “They gonna put y’all back in chains” had me cracking up. The dude is a riot. Yet Romney got booed by the NAACP?

So why does Obama keep him on the ticket?

You may not like Paul Ryan because they he is republican, but Biden is a downright riot. Whether or not you like Paul Ryan, it cannot be denied that he will put a spanking on Biden, and he has held his own quite well on meetings with Obama.

Assuming that the republicans take the presidency, at least we know that the vp candidate, whether you like him or not, possesses some semblance of intelligence. If the democrats keep the office, like them or not, then only one of the candidates is capable of being the president, that being Obama.



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