Is The U.S Screwing Puerto Rico #boricuasonline

As I have mentioned before, I am relatively new to the real history of Puerto Rico. Up until recently all I knew about my homeland was this:

Cuando a sus playas llegó Colón;
exclamó lleno de admiración:
¡Oh! ¡Oh! ¡Oh!

Those few lines from La Borinqueña which we sang at the auditorium in school was the extent of my knowledge. That and that the original people there were called Tainos.

However, I have done some researching and studying, thus acquiring some basic knowledge of our historical relationship with the United States. From this very basic, super low level knowledge that I have acquired, it is plain to see that the United States has in fact been screwing Puerto Rico badly.

They are screwing the country with a ribbed prophylactic, no vaseline, and not even having the common decency to hand P.R. a tissue after the fact.

It breaks my heart that the U.S., the country I fought for, the country I call home, and the country that I still defend to this day from her detractors would treat my homeland so badly.

I don’t know much about the economics of the island, but I am willing to bet that if I go and search deeper for the reasons that P.R. is in financial trouble, I would find that some U.S. corporations, puppet politicians, and good ole American greed are to blame for her downfall.

This is an opinion coming from a person who doesn’t know all that much about the topic. All one requires is some common sense, some eyes and ears, and just a little bit of research to arrive to this conclusion. I may not know all that much, but I’m sure if the U.S had taken better care of Borinquen, exploited her resources and people a little less, and simply been fair to her, then maybe she wouldn’t be in this financial crisis.

Then again, look at how these scumbag politicians have the U.S financial situation. If they don’t care about the mainland, why would they care about a itsy bitsy little colony? These people are in it to make THEIR money, and they don’t care what happens to the country, or the people of the land.

You know what this feels like? Sort of like that jerk who get the woman he wants. He takes her, enjoys her, uses her, and then once he’s taken all that he wants from her he discards her like yesterday’s newspaper. That is how I feel the U.S. is treating us. There are places where labor is far cheaper than P.R. these days, and now we are even working on this new “thing” with Cuba. No wonder Puerto Rico has outlived her usefulness.

It is pretty disgusting if you ask me, and I am very unhappy with all of the politicians who are turning their backs on Puerto Rico. I mean, it’s been happening since that first day when the bombs began to hit her and we kicked out the Spaniards, and has continued since. Of course I’m not surprised, but you’d think that things would have changed by now. NOT!

Que desmadre!

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