Isaiah Crowell Posted This Terrible Image

Isaiah Crowell, a football star with the Cleveland Browns shared this image on his Instagram. Now he’s in some serious hot water.

Look man, I know you are pissed off, and I understand the anger. We are all pissed off at the abuse that our Black and Latino brothers and sisters receive at the hands of bad law enforcement. However, this image is just inexcusable.

You knew when you shared this that this was not going to go over well. Did you think you were being clever? Did you think you’d get a pass because of the current political climate? I think you should be able to express your thoughts, but this is not right.

I don’t advocate the murder of police officers, and I support Black Lives Matter. This image is depicting the murder of a random police officer, almost in an ISIS like fashion. This is definitely not cool. And the apology? Come on man, you put out a professionally written statement as an apology?

Here is a real apology, “Look y’all, I was pissed off about those racist cops, and I messed up. I’m angry about it, but I don’t advocate killing random cops. This was a knee jerk reaction as I was really pissed off. I apologize.” See, that sounds more genuine, write it in real words.

Anyway man, much like the rest of us, you will be held responsible for this. Ease up on the hate, it doesn’t help anybody.

isaiah crowell

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