Jamie foxx’s SNL statements and racial bias.

The short answer here is a resounding HELL YES! Case in point, and mind you, I am a fan of this man. I think he’s hilarious, and I’m very guilty of reacting pretty much like every single one of you to his statements.

Actor Jamie Foxx recently made a statement where he said “I like my role in the new movie because I get to kill all the white people”. The movie is called “Django Unchained”. Initially I thought, “it’s Jamie Foxx, he’s a black comedian, this is what he does, its normal, its funny, what’s the problem?” That’s when the hypocrisy of this logic was pointed out to me by a friend.

Read more and watch the clip here: Newsbusters Jamie Foxx SNL.

My friend asked me a simple question, “What do you think would happen to Clint Eastwood if he said the same thing about Blacks, Mexicans, Puertoricans or any other group of people?”  That’s all he really needed to say to make the point, he’s 100% right you know. Remember a few years back Clint made the movie “Gran Torino?” Imagine if he had then said “I love this role cause I get to point a gun at Asian gangsters”. He’d be devoured by the hypocritical media, especially given his political affiliations.

It’s about social responsibility. The problem here is that it works both ways. We can sit here and argue context and so on for the next 10 years, however my friend’s statement will always hold accurate. I don’t care where you stand on the issue, if you are a person of reason, then you understand the statement “Angel, if something is wrong, it’s wrong regardless of who does it right? You can’t adjust whether it’s wrong or right depending on who does it.”

Again, our friends over at boldrightstuff clothing have shared some interesting perspective on a topic we can easily  overlook. Now this isn’t to say Blacks, Latinos and other minorities don’t experience bias against them, it’s to say that we are just as guilty as others in enacting it.

Real talk! Change begins from within. What do you think? Is Jamie Foxx wrong about what he said?

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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