Japan: Are You Hitting On Her?

We were traveling throughout Asia, one of our stops was Japan. I believe that at this point, I had already emotionally checked out of this relationship. The woman treated pretty bad for a long time, and by the time things improved, I had already emotionally moved on.

So for those of you who don’t know, I love all things Japanese, especially the ladies. So as we sat down at the Japanese restaurant and the very friendly waitress engaged us in conversation, I was smitten.

At one point she said that she often comes to visit NYC. I said that was awesome and that “We should all hang out during her next trip.” She seemed into the idea, and I tried to seize the moment and make a connection. If I recall correctly I offered my card, but then I saw my then girlfriend giving me the evil eye. The Japanese lady noticed and excused herself.

My ex looked at me and said “Are you freaking hitting on her?” Of course I replied no, I was just trying to make a new friend as I always do. She wasn’t buying it. This made the rest of the dinner rather awkward.

By the way, I didn’t get to make the connect with the girl, and me and my girlfriend ended up splitting as I knew we would long before. Why do we hang on to things when we know they are dead?

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