Jared Fogle Beat Up In Prison

Ladies and gentlemen, I think that I may have just soiled my pants! You can’t imagine how awesome it was to read the news and see that Ex Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle got beat up in prison!

According to TMZ, Jared Fogle was assaulted in a prison yard by 60 year old Steven Nigg. Nigg is a man who doesn’t much like child molesters, and he expressed that dislike on Fogle’s face. YES!

You know, I thought Fogle was going to be put under some sort of special, protective custody. I am extremely pleased to discover that he was not. I am even more pleased that a man like Nigg let him have it.

The last thing I would have wanted was for Fogle to serve out his time out in a cushy, private prison. No, he deserves this beating, and any others that he has coming his way.

How’s that for club fed? You likes them young? Well, here are the consequences! You child molesting piece of crap!

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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