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On a whim, I decided to try this Jebon out last night. I was walking around with my friend in the St. Mark’s area looking for a place to eat and most of the places we passed by were really crowded. This one seemed to have more space available, in my old age, I am no longer a fan of big crowds, particularly when I am going out to eat. So we opted to try this spot.

First things first, did they pass the spicy tuna roll test? The answer for that question is yes. I ordered what they called the special spicy tuna roll, this is a roll that has tuna on the inside, along with avocado and spicy tuna on the outside! It is actually a pretty good roll and quite filling. As usual, when eating Japanese, I had a spider roll as well, this too passed the Angel Rodriguez quality assurance test. The rolls here were delicious!

The one item that I was not very impressed with and actually sent back to be adjusted was the kani salad. It was basically a bunch of cucumber slices and kani drenched in mayonnaise; it just looked really sloppy to me, and it was not very appetizing. I asked the server to please replace it and provide me with the same dish without the mayonnaise. Initially, she resisted and stated that this was the way the dish comes. I looked at her with a confused look as if to say, “please go ahead and change this,” and stated I could not eat this. She said she would speak to the chef and eventually agreed to change it. In hindsight, I think I was better off with the mayo, perhaps I should have mixed it together or something. All I ended up with was a few pieces of kani and cucumber, a long story short my friend ate most of this dish.

I tried this lychee based frozen drink, and this was pretty good as well. The food came out relatively quickly, and the staff was cordial and friendly. The seating was a little uncomfy and low, but I made do perfectly fine with my big butt. Sans the Kani salad this is definitely a place that I would try again. If you happen to be in St. Mark’s, and you want to have some good Japanese food give Jebon sushi and noodles of try.

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