Jurassic World

Everyone was ranting and raving about how amazing this movie was. So between MadMax, San Andreas, and Jurassic World, we opted for the dinosaurs. Was it a good movie? Sure, it was very entertaining, and for all intents and purposes it was a good film. Would I call it one of the greatest if not the single greatest film I have ever seen? Not a chance.

The film had amazing graphics, and you totally believe that the dinosaurs are there with the humans. I’m not sure how they did it, or what tech they use, but it is extremely realistic. Be it the scene when he’s trying to tame the raptors, or when he’s petting a brontosaurus, it is all very convincing.

If you are a fan of the original films, you will enjoy this. If you are not, you can still enjoy this as it could very well be a standalone film.

My wife and I both enjoyed the film, but we both agree, even though it is a good film, it’s a nowhere near a top fav for either of us.

That may very well be because of our tastes, for instance, though the second avengers wasn’t all that great, I think I enjoyed it more simply because I’m a huge fan of the super hero genre.

Is it worthy of seeing in the theatre? Yes, I would say it is.



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