Kang Ho Dong Baekjong – Fail!

A few friends and I had made plans to have dinner at this location several weeks ago. Apparently it gets really packed and super busy. When I arrived, it wasn’t too packed, but within minutes it start to get very crowded. When two of us were there we tried to get a table for me and friends, but we were told that we could not take a table and hold it for the group. That’s fair, I understand that they don’t want us taking up more space than we are using.

As the time passed, more of us arrived, and we had pretty much the entire group, and we were missing one who was sort of on the fence. We asked our Korean friend to talk to the staff and see if they would seat those of us that were here and we were told yes that our table was ready. Then moments later we were told no because they gave our table to someone else. They said we’d have to wait at least half an hour for another table. We were all rather frustrated as we’d been there for quite some time already and the staff wasn’t really trying to accommodate us.

Okay, so I pride myself on being honest and fair when I write reviews. As such, I wondered if I should write this one, but after over an hour of standing around, and receiving the “cold shoulder,” from their staff, I decided that I had to at least document the experience. So, no, I cannot comment on their food because we reached the point that we were fed up and walked out.

Here is my perception of this place, they get busy, so they don’t care about their individual customers. It’s like the DMV, you have no choice, our way or leave. If you are not happy, and you walk out, SO WHAT? There are more people that are waiting to come in. This is the impression that I got from trying to talk to the staff, and the way our group was treated. The reason the others eventually agreed to walk out was because they felt the same way that I did after sometime.

So to be fair, I won’t rate them on a star system as I didn’t eat their food. However, their customer service skills, and how they treat folks that are waiting to be seated could be worked on. Personally I wanted to walk out long before my friends agreed to do so. However, they held on to hope. The last straw was when they gave away our table and told us that we would have to wait around for another half hour. “So sorry.”

Kang Ho Dong Baekjong, Epic fail my friends, Epic fail!

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