Kathy Griffin knew what she was doing

Kathy Griffin knew what she was doing. But, I bet she didn’t see all of this coming! She can apologize all that she wants now, but I believe that Kathy Griffin knew damn well that what she was doing was wrong. She knew that she’d get massive amounts of media coverage, and she knew that everyone would be debating what she did.

Wish granted.

She’s a leftist, and it’s usually the left that gets offended, and goes after any celebrity, or any one who disagrees with their ideology. The right does it too, but I think we can all agree that when it comes to sensitivity, the left is far more sensitive than the right.

I’m not a Donald Trump fan, I’m against most of his policies, and I certainly didn’t vote for him. Mind you, I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton either, but this is not relevant. The point is, that whether or not you like Trump, what she did was wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, she has the right to do it. I am 100% behind her right to do it, and free speech. But it bothers me when free speech applies to one group of people, but not the other. If we are going to play the free speech right, then we have to accept when others do the same to Obama, Hillary, and so on. You can’t ban Milo or Ann Coulter from speaking. You can’t punch Richard Spencer in the face, and so on. Free speech works both ways.

They are arguing that this is art. But can’t it be argued that this is hate speech? She is advocating or implying a beheading. Hello?

So I believe that Griffin knew there’d be noise, she knew she’d have to apologize, but what I don’t think she knew is that some people on the left would also take offense to what she did. Of course, as expected some hypocrites are playing the “it’s art card,” but only because they hate Trump. But many people on both sides of the aisle took issue with this, including some of her sponsors. I don’t think she thought about how this might affect the children and grandchildren of Trump, and she grossly overestimated the support of her left wing fan base.

So far, sponsors have severed ties, and I think she’s officially lost the gig at CNN’s event. I bet she wasn’t counting on CNN having a problem with her epic display of nastiness. Well, you wanted attention? There you go, you wanted it, you got it. Next time, think twice before being a total jerk.

Mind you, this is coming from a #nevertrump person. Their is free speech, but no one is immune to backlash. Even these Hollywood B listers, there are consequences to all that you do.

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