Keep your hands to yourself!


A few years ago I was at a group event. There was a nice bunch of people there. One of the ladies I met that evening was cool, friendly, and as we were speaking and joking around; somehow she saw fit to slap me on the face. She didn’t hit me hard, and I didn’t sense any malice behind it, but I was rather stunned at the fact that she actually slapped me for no reason whatsoever.

Confused, by what just happened I looked at her and I asked her what gave her the impression that she could strike me in the face like that? What made her feel confident that she wasn’t going to get her teeth knocked out in return? She said “I knew you wouldn’t hit me back, you are a true gentleman and I was just being playful, Angel.”

I never forgot that slap, you don’t forget things like that. Today I saw a picture of her because we share some people in common, and I remembered that night. I know I did the right thing by not returning in kind, but I just wanted to take a moment to let you ladies know, keep your hands to yourself. You won’t always run into an Angel.


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