Kids suspended for posing with airsoft guns

You stupid, overreacting, buffoon run educational institutions! If these kids were psycho, and they wanted to kill someone in the school, there are a few things you could look out for.

  1. They probably would not advertise it together. Generally these are solo acts, not a family affair.
  2. They would not pose with guns, responsibly. Notice how there fingers are not on the trigger?
  3. They are dressed to the nines! I have yet to see a nut job show up for a mass shooting in a nice suit.

Instead of attacking and focusing on normal kids, which you idiots continue to do. Dare I bring up the freaking pop tart incident? Or the finger gun incident? You idiots are not resolving anything! Pay attention the real danger signs! You are so focused on being politically correct that you miss the real danger signs, like someone who has terror related emails in the work place. You can’t talk about that because it would be labeled profiling, and not politically correct, but you can target these kids because they are progun, right?

Your stupidity does not cease to amaze me. You do know that right? You are idiots. Estupidos, bobos, y locos!

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