Kindness Begets Kindness. And Being A Jerk. Well..

This weekend I spent sometime with my family in Pennsylvania. To commute down there I take about 2.5 hour ride on the Transbridge bus line. Clearly it is well worth the trip, my mother and sister went over as well. I was able to spend some quality time with the people I love most, and it was great.

Usually the Transbridge buses have seats available for all customers. Though today the bus was jam packed, and unfortunately, some people were forced to stand. Generally, I am very generous with my seat, and will stand up for a lady, etc. However, on a long ride like this, I cannot suffer because of the lack of planning from the person, or the bus company. The ticket is rather expensive, and I’m not getting up.

Of course, anyone who knows me is aware that I am a softie, and even under these circumstances I would make an exception and end up getting up. I saw this older lady coming into the bus, at this point I decide that I’m going to offer her my seat. However, as she enters, she says “I don’t give a f*ck about you passengers. Someone needs to get up and give me your seat.”

I was taken aback by her attitude, and though I began to move to offer my seat, when she said those words, I sat right back down. She walked up the aisle, “Isn’t anyone going to get up for me? What kind of people are  you?” No one budged for her. She continued to complain the entire ride, cursing, screaming, and being told to shut up by more than one passenger. She said “I’m old, and I’m disabled. I need a seat, someone needs to get up.” Of course, no one moved, including me.

A small part of me felt bad for not giving her the seat, but she did not deserve any kindness from me. Her attitude, all that she was saying and screaming, it simply didn’t warrant any kindness from me. I refused to do what I “wanted” to do, because her sense of entitlement, and the way she spoke to us didn’t warrant kindness.

Had she entered the bus, remained quiet, I would have OFFERED my seat. Had she even asked kindly, I would have given her my seat, as I’m sure many others may have as well. Yet, her very first words were “I don’t give a f*ck about the passengers, let me pass. Someone needs to give me a seat.”

Yeah, I don’t think so lady, enjoy your long stand!

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Angel Rodriguez

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