Knockout game is new?

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I saw a liberal post that criticized this hot new trend, the knockout game. Wait, what? Haven’t we evil, conservative, Tea Party, racist, nut jobs been covering this topic for years?

I’ve shared post upon post on this topic, and every time I was told that I was stereotyping blacks and Latinos in our community. My largely liberal NYC Facebook wall dwellers could not understand why I; a Latino from the South Bronx, would be highlighting and sharing a topic that makes us all look bad!

I’ll tell you why, because the only way we can fix something is to be aware of it. Judging by the news post my friend shared entitled “the new game: the knockout game,” clearly many in our community are not aware of or have not acknowledged my so-called racist posts.

The game is not new; it also has more than one name. Some call it “the knockout game,” some call it “polar bear hunting,” while others call it “I was just bored.” Whatever it is you want to call it; it is not new; it is not entertainment, and it is extremely violent. Often the game ends in death. I’m not sure that Chris Lane was the target of the knockout game, but he certainly was a victim of the “I’m just bored” game. Rest in peace, my brother.

At its simplest, the knockout game takes place in an urban city environment; St. Louis always seems to come up. It usually involves a large group of men, usually black, but it can include other races as well. The objective is to “knock out” the target with one hit, but should the knockout attempt fail; it is usually followed by a severe beat down of the unwitting participant.

At its most lethal, it involves a group of bored individuals who decide to go and kill an innocent person. Gays, whites, Asians, and anyone perceived as “weak” are usually the target. Though I will say there have been a few cases where the wrong person was targeted as the potential victim of the knockout game, this usually ends up being disastrous for the game’s initiators. Our friends at WND have covered a few cases where the players picked someone who was not going to be a victim. One game choice ended up with at least one of the assailants stabbed to death, another ended up with the thugs getting shot! Oops, guess he won’t be playing that game anymore.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not for murder; I’m not for the loss of life; however, if given a choice, I’d choose that the good guy wins every time. Few things bring me greater satisfaction than reading about a victim that turned the tables on these predator criminals. I am happy that these liberals have finally decided to open their eyes and acknowledge that this supposedly racist topic I have often covered is, in fact, a real problem. I have always maintained that in order for good to prevail, wrong has to be acknowledged, and this is a step in the right direction.

See video below to learn more about the “Knock-Out Game”:

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