Brass Knuckle Knockout Game Teen Charged As An Adult

This brass knuckle clad punk decided to sucker punch this other guy in the face. Then once on the floor, he continued to pound on him. Y’all can see that in the very last post before this one, I was complaining about how so many people are locked up for long periods of time, for crimes that are minor and petty.

Then you see a video like this, and a potential sentence of 20 years. I’m curious what the populous thinks on this one? See, I hate what this guy did. His behavior is cowardly on so many levels, and clearly assault with a deadly weapon. He deserves to be punished. He claims that the victim provoked him, and regardless of whether or not this is true, this cowardly attack is not justified.

I’m wondering, is 20 years a fair sentence, or too much? Clearly this is a vicious assault, and should be punished. But in a world where Brock Turner gets 3 months, and Ethan Couch gets probation, for doing what I perceive as much greater damage, I can’t help but wonder if this punishment is excessive?

Mind you, my instinct is to throw the book at this guy. I despise this type of cowardly attack. But, I am trying to think reasonably, and I am questioning if he were white, would the sentence be the same? I seek fairness, that is all. What are your thoughts?

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Fuck you
Fuck you
8 months ago

Blacks giving blacks a bad name

Fuck you
Fuck you
8 months ago

Blacks giving blacks a bad name…this thug should of got prison for almost killing the guy