So we got a Latino pope from Argentina in the Vatican.

Well, I never heard of the guy and know nothing about him. But I’d be saying the same thing regardless of which Cardinal became the pope.  This man’s last name is clearly Italian though so I wonder if he considers himself a Latino. I find it interesting though that the old boys at the Vatican picked someone from a Spanish speaking country. That’s a pretty big step for Latinos in the world. Pope Francesco. But do Argentinians consider themselves Latinos, or European?

What do you guys think? Is he really Latino? Does he relate to Latinos? Do the powers that be look at him as such?  Can he even speak spanish? These are serious questions by the way.

Look, call me crazy, but I can’t help but think that if his last name were Rodriguez and he was from a Spanish speaking country that he would not be the current pope. Am I wrong? What do I know?  I just see everyone making a big deal because he’s from Argentina, so it brought these questions to mind.

What do you think?

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