The left will lose a civil war

I think that if things came to it, the left will lose a civil war. As I notice our country heading deeper and deeper into turmoil, I can’t help but analyze the two sides that are showing up, and I fear very much for the safety of those of us who are on the side of reason.

I am in no way promoting, condoning, or wishing for a violent outcome, but should it come, in the words of that great Irish philosopher, Connor McGregor, we are fooked!

Why you ask? Well, because the left is the side that is anti gun. Cities like NYC are vehemently against gun rights, while the Southern states have stood steadfast by their 2nd amendment rights.

Some of us here own guns, but again, thanks to the super strict anti gun laws, we don’t have many places to practice shooting, which once again leaves the few of us who may be able to fight back at a huge disadvantage.

Am I saying that we have to roll over and accept these racist nazi assholes? Absolutely not, but I’m telling you guys, and you’d better take this shit seriously, if it comes down to a real fight, it’s gonna be real bad.

My advice to the left, especially those of you who are extreme leftists, is that you chill the heck out, understand that not all right wingers support those damn racists. Understand that if you continue to alienate anyone who voted or supported Trump, simply because of those animals, or even his own words, you are alienating the only chance you have at survival.

Right wingers as a whole are not racists, they mostly hate those racists as much as we do. And the only chance that we would have if shit hit the fan, is that those folks side with us to crush that racist opposition. However, if they join with them, not because they are racists, but because we are trying to destroy them all, it’s a wrap.

On that same note, it is up to us to condemn, punish, and ensure that our leftists are also being handled. We can’t initiate violence, riots, etc and then get upset when they do the same. We must unite as a nation to deal with this problem. I think numerically we may be superior, but when it comes to weapons, we are way outgunned, and way out of our league when it comes to experience with any guns we may have. Do not take it there!

So please, let’s not let this escalate to that level, cause if it does, I’m afraid we may be very, very fooked, and the South that the true enemy wants, it may rise again. Not to mention how this would open us up to attack from many other enemies that wish to see both sides dead.

Get a grip America.

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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