Legal Immigrants compared to dogs?

Iowa GOP member Steve King stated in a rally to build a fence along the US/Mexican border in Arizona that legal immigrants coming to the U.S are the pick of the litter.

He referenced when picking a good bird dog, one wants the aggressive energetic one, as opposed to the one napping in a corner.

He compared immigrants that come here to the good pick for a bird dog. “It’s not easy to get here, so if you make it, you are the pick of the litter.”

Now I understand what he is saying, yet I can also understand how immigrant human rights groups will take issue with the analogy he used.

His DNC opponent in the upcoming election Christie Vilsack is definitely taking advantage of this controversial statement and said “if we are going to have a serious talk about immigration, let’s first refer to them as human beings and not dogs.”

Politics is serious business. You have to always take great care with every statement you make, there is always someone watching and it can come back and bite you in the butt!