Lesley Gore Dies at 68

Growing up I listened to oldies often. I’m not sure how my love for the genre began? I don’t remember either my mom or dad listening to them, but I love them. I guess I have always been an old soul. Songs like “Maybe I know” and the other girl groups were also my source of comfort during my time alone in Tech School Military Training. Even though my parents never listened to them, these songs became associated with my childhood and the comfort of home.

This morning I received an email from my son’s mom stating “Leslie Gore Died.” I hoped that maybe it was one of those celebrity mistake deaths that happen so often. I had recently found Leslie on twitter, and her website. I was hoping to get a dialogue going with her. However, I have confirmed that she has indeed passed away.

Rest in peace #lesleygore #oldies #music

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I never met Leslie, and truth be told, until recently when I became more curious about looking up some of these older singers, I didn’t even know whether or not she was still around. Even so, I am terribly saddened and heartbroken about her loss. With the recent loss of my dad, and the continued passing onĀ of folks from my childhood, our mortality is that much more apparent to me.

My deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of this great music icon. I really wish that she would have finished that play they say she was working on. Here is a cool interview where Lesley talks about getting into music back in the days.

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