Let’s Talk: Murder of a rapist/pedophile.

There is no question that rape is one of the most disgusting, heinous crimes a person can commit. The law tends to be quite lenient with rapists and child molesters, relatively speaking that is.

Let’s Talk!

A man rapes a woman and he is caught,  perhaps he receives 5 years in prison for the rape. At some point later in time after his release the woman somehow finds and kills him. Is she justified in her actions?

A pedophile usually gets out of prison after 5 years or so as well, sometimes sooner. After being released, the victim’s father finds and murders the child molester. Is he justified?

The motivation for this question stems  from an old Jodie Foster movie (The Accused) and from an article about a woman in India who beheaded a would be rapist.

Legally we know the answer, it’s premeditated murder and they will both go to prison, but is that fair? Does a 5 year sentence make up for what a rapist or pedophile takes from their victims? What are your thoughts?