Levin Marathon Headphone Review

Since my soundbot audio headphones died, I ordered a new pair of headphones from amazon. I wasn’t sure if soundbot was going to honor my warranty, and music is a nonnegotiable when I do cardio.

The Levin headphones were very easy to pair with my phone, that’s always a plus. They don’t have a hard back, like the soundbot’s, it’s more like a soft rubber. I noticed that the charging port doesn’t have a flap cover, this could be troublesome from someone who sweats the way I sweat. It’s possible for sweat to get into the device.

Initially, I didn’t think they would stay on my head, but they seemed to stay on during my workouts. I’ve done the elliptical, Zumba, and even jump rope with them on and they stayed. When I sweat a lot, the slip a little but I’ve not had them fall off. I do experience some ear fatigue after a while of wearing them, so I have to take them off for a few moments and give my lobes a break.

The sound quality is not amazing and they are not very loud. I like to listen to my music very loud. I don’t mind some ambient noise, but these could be a bit louder. The controls are not very responsive, I often find myself going to the phone because the functions are not responding very well.

Overall, for $30 dollars, these things are “okay.” I have a replacement pair of  soundbots coming in, and I liked those more than these. They are bit heavier, but the overall usage seemed more favorable to me. I’ll see how I feel once they arrive though.

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