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Little girls cursing in feminist type video


Little girls cursing in feminist type video

I have figured out why this video bugged me. You know, besides the part about little girls cursing, and being disgusting at the behest of their irresponsible parents. Have you ever heard the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right?” Well, that applies here. See, these film makers, as well as most of their feminist commenters on the forums are hanging on to this point “Is it worse that women are treated bad, or little girls are cursing?”

Well, personally, I don’t believe women should be treated badly. It makes no sense to me if you are paid less to do the same job. That should be addressed. I think that rape is disgusting, and my views for the punishments a rapist should receive would probably make your hair stand on end. In fact, I bet you’d be the first to defend the criminal and call me a barbaric animal once you heard my thoughts on this topic. However, I digress, I love women. Women are our queens, starting from the first woman in my life, my mother. That being said, I don’t see how you are justifying getting these little girls to curse and make such nasty comments to further your cause.

If I steal a car, I will probably be punished more severely than if I steal a soft drink at a pharmacy shop. However, I cannot then say, “Hey, people are stealing cars, what’s worst? Stealing a drink, or a car?” The fact that one is worst than the other, is not a defense, and doesn’t justify the wrong doing.

Making, or allowing these little girls to curse on film, for millions to see, is wrong and disgusting. You and all your supporters should be ashamed of yourselves, it is disgusting, and nothing you can say will change that.



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