Live pepper spray test with Angel Rodriguez

I have always wondered how effective over the counter pepper spray truly is. I have been skeptical about it’s effectiveness. I decided to put it to the test and I had my wife hit me with a few shots. This also served to provide her some real life training with the OC spray, as you’ll see in the video, she missed the first shot. My son filmed and is the one laughing throughout this video.

I concluded (as will you after the video) that yes, it does work. Worst case scenario it will buy you a few seconds to get away. It is a great self defense tool. Please ensure that you are not standing downwind if you employ the spray, otherwise it will come right back into your face. I think the idea is that it only hits the criminal and not you. Also note, that though it hurts, I could still see, and I could fight back if my life depended on it. So don’t stick around too long after hitting someone with it.

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Angel Rodriguez

Angel covers fitness, social issues, reviews, news & more! He's a veteran, tech and fitness pro which has been featured on Huffpo, NatGeo, NPR, NY1, HLN, Men's Fitness, MTV, & other major platforms. Angel is also Brazilian Jiujitsu White belt.
Angel Rodriguez


  1. Phil Holtberg

    02-03-2013 at 1:57 pm

    You really are nuts! I bet your wife loved doing this to you!

    • Angel Rodriguez

      02-03-2013 at 2:00 pm

      Phil, she was annoyed that I forced her to do it. But after I said “Do it again”, she seemed to take out her frustration in pressing that button cause she caught me right in the eyeball. LOL.

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