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Local NYC: Bronx Stories.


Local NYC: Bronx Stories.

Bronx Stories is a show that takes place at the Bronx museum of art. It is by far one of the biggest shows I have attended, packed with poets, singers, storytellers and fans that come from all over the city.

Feature performers are invited to speak on any artistic piece that inspires them at the museum. A very clever idea indeed, the features also get to perform a few items of their own choosing.

The last show featured several known poets, most clear in my memory would be Advocate of Wordz with his powerful piece on Sandra Sotomayor, and who could forget C Debrah Thomas and her amazing talk about her Bronx experiences, or Angelo Zeolla breaking out the Italiano for us! We had young children perform amazing pieces, and we even had an amazing rant by a female that took issue with the NYPD.

La Bruja hosted and featured at the April 27th, 2012 show, and she was amazing. This was my first time meeting this woman in person, and believe you me when I tell you that I instantly fell in love with her charm and her amazing art. I cannot put into words how amazing she is.  She had me all googly eyed, so go google Caridad De La Luz and check out some of her work.

The show is organized by a wonderful young woman named Bridget Bartolini, I had the honor of meeting her at the last event.  She was very sweet, and I was very impressed with the magnitude and success of this show. A show that takes place literally blocks from where I called home for most of my early life. You want stories? I have Bronx stories! I still remember walking past the building across the street from the museum and almost getting killed for getting too close “uninvited”. But that’s another set of posts.

The show features a limited open mic, it’s pot luck style. You put your name in a box and if you are lucky you will be called up to perform in front of this amazing audience. If you would like to feature or obtain one of the opening or closing slots, reach out to Bridget and let her know, you may get lucky! She can be found at Bronx Stories on Facebook. While you are there make sure that you send a friend request and tell them Angel Rodriguez sent you. You will see that this is truly a unique show.

See this link for the next event. I’ll be there. Will you?



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