My Mad Dreams: I am the new Mayor of New York City

We were all sitting around in the living room, then the announcement came on the television:

Angel Rodriguez has won the Mayoral race for New York City.

In this dream, seeing this was news to me, I didn’t even know that I was running for the office of mayor. It was like that movie with Adam Sandler, “Click” where he used a remote control to skip a bunch of areas in his life, and in that future period when he woke up he had no idea what he had actually missed. Well, sort of like that, not quite, but I had no idea how this came to be.

There was one thing that I was certain of though, the people wanted me! So I accepted the result and I became the Mayor of New York City.

Shortly after the announcement began the interviews and media circus. On my very first interview with Errol Louis on NY1, we took a call. The first question was “How does a psychotic nut job like you win?” I wasn’t sure what this person was referring to, so I asked, and she began to recite some of the things that I have said on twitter and Facebook. Particularly, she pointed out how blood thirsty I was, and how I wanted to severely punish rapists and child molesters.

I was terrified that all this was being brought up on live television. I did say all those things, and I did feel that way, but why was this being brought up now? Wouldn’t all this have come up during the election process? Then after a moment trying to reason with her, I had a moment of clarity. Everyone must know this already, yet these people voted me in! They all know what I have said, they know how I feel, and even so the majority voted for me. They voted me in because of and despite my views!

At that point, I said to the woman,

You may not agree with me, but the majority of New Yorkers believe in, and support my views. I’m sorry that you would rather support rapist’s rights over children. We’ll agree to disagree on this one, and perhaps you’ll vote me out in the next election? I’ll say this final thing to you, don’t rape anyone while I am the mayor!

Errol Louis smiled at me, and nodded in agreement with my response. Don’t get it twisted, Errol didn’t agree with my political views, but he did enjoy how I went from uncertain in myself, to confident and decisive.

Next I was getting ready to go on the Montel Williams show.

Then I woke up.

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez


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