Madangsui Restaurant Review

My wife wanted some Korean BBQ. She had a place she wanted to hit, Jongro, but it was ridiculously packed and there was a 55 minute wait. Yeah, I don’t think so. So we decided to try this place. Mind you, I’ve been avoiding Korean BBQ for a while. My old team members have been wanting to go, and I haven’t pursued it because I find that it’s hit or miss for me when it comes to Korean BBQ and headaches.

We walked in, it was dead, I mean, dead. The lady asks us, “Do you have reservations,” and we just stood there and said no. I looked around, and thought to myself, REALLY? Anyway, they took us to a table, and we were greeted by a not so friendly or helpful waitress. She acted as though we were a burden on her, and only answered questions when pressed and in a rushed fashion.

The food was nothing to write home about, and not even worth really going into any big detail on. We had some BBQ, the usual type of things you can get at Korean BBQ spots. But it didn’t taste exceptionally good, and I can’t remember one simple thing that I liked about this place. My wife was annoyed because she wanted some good food, but instead we had this, and the service didn’t help at all.

Finally, I’m almost certain that whatever they put in the food is what caused the subsequent headache that I suffered from. In my opinion, this place is best avoided.



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