Madonna still has some naughty in her!

Madonna has managed to piss off the Israelis, the French and some of her fans.

At the kickoff concert for her world tour in Tel Aviv Madonna spoke to the Israeli audience about treating all human beings with dignity and respect. She then went on to display images of a French politician, Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead and had the woman appear to be a Hitler of sorts. She also depicted some violent scenes in some of her dance acts.

Madonna said she has her reasons for doing what she did and where she did it. Well, she’s Madonna. Remember her? Don’t forget Madonna was originally a very naughty girl! Though later in life Madonna has become a big peace advocate and seemingly calmed down, Madonna was badass!

This odd display, though depicting violence at times was meant to get her message of peace across. Perhaps this was not the best way of doing so, but I think it’s cool that she remind the world who she is! She is Madonna, the original bad girl, the original material girl.

Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, none of these newbies can touch Madonna. Take a seat ladies and gentleman, let the real queen show you how controversy is done!

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez


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