Make Your Own Night Vision Camera

I think that it is safe to say that all of you reading this post have a little bit of techie and or spy in you! Perhaps you just watched a James Bond movie? I mean why else would you be here reading a post on how to make your own night vision camera? You are not planning anything shady I hope? Having just watched the film “The Kingsmen” myself, this little project is right up my alley at this point! So let’s get right to it then!

The guys from Nonbony make this process look very simple to do, and it seems to work really great. First, they disassemble the camera and remove the IR lens from the webcam. Next, they put it right back together and then attach some infrared diodes and a resistor. I’m not sure exactly how they made this part, this would be just a bit over my head. Soldering is not one of my strong points at all. I know how to solder conceptually, but actually putting it into practice I’ve not done very well. I actually ruined an XBOX trying to solder it, luckily one of my colleagues is an electrical genius and easily fixed what I fried on the box! Do note that you may need to solder just a little bit!

Once all that is done, these guys turn of the lights, and demonstrate how the camera can actually see pretty much perfectly in the dark! This extremely cool and I can see many practical uses for something like this! If any of you guys try this, please film it and share it on social media! We’d love to see more of this!

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